Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Window for Change

There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. This saying could not be more apt today. The pandemic—which has disrupted the world in profound ways—has prompted countries to roll out significant policy changes that might otherwise have taken years. It has also sped the arrival of technologies and new ways of working and learning, moving us almost overnight into a new era.


When it comes to the good cholesterol, fitness trumps weight

New findings suggest that maintaining a “healthy” weight isn’t as important for healthy cholesterol function as being active by regularly performing strength training.


The Journal of Men's Health & Gender - The state of men’s health in Western Europe

Results: Differences were found between the health of men and women across all age groups. Wide country-to-country variations in the influence of the different health issues were evident, with clear geographical differences for some disease states. Men had a higher rate of death than women for a wide range of risks such as ischaemic heart disease, cancer of the colon, accidents and deaths due to external causes.


The Declining Fortunes of the Young

Will I do as well as my parents?

A positive answer to this question once seemed a foregone conclusion; now, for recent generations, less so. Despite being more educated than their parents, millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—may have less job stability during their working life. Concerns that it might be more difficult to break into the middle class, or to have enough retirement savings, are also rising to the fore in policy debates in many advanced economies.


How the Rich Get Richer

Wealth begets wealth. This simple concept of privilege has added to growing discontent with inequality that has escalated under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Monday, November 30, 2020

Want to cut malnutrition? Don’t forget these 3 things

Nearly ten years ago, a paper in the journal The Lancet changed the way countries around the world approached improving nutrition.

The paper identified ten critical nutrition interventions – all of them direct nutrition interventions like micronutrient fortification, breastfeeding, and vitamin A supplementation. And it posited that if those interventions were scaled to reach 90 percent of children in the 34 countries where good childhood nutrition is most lacking, they would reduce stunting rates by 20 percent. These ten interventions became the standard roadmap to improving nutrition for health officials globally.


Sunday, November 29, 2020





Building a Foundation for Better Understanding

Take some time to relax, catch up, get lost in one big story and see the world of Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity clearly.   


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Very Very rare...Combination



As the Founder I personally understands the dynamics across communities, I also understands the politics, I am a man of empathy and boy oh boy I undoubtedly have a deep understanding of the social problems. A "very very rare...combination" in The Global Structure Network Group

First and foremost, I must apologise to the Global Community who was looking forward to my weekly post on Saturdays and did not get one last weekend. Let us make up for it this week! This week’s post is very personal. Second let me say, that we are continuing to work flat out to make The Global Structure Network Living Channel into a high-class website that you come to expect from us. Something quite rare is happening for the Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity Economy across the Globe. The work that we are doing is opening opportunities for our Economy to come together in some very very rare combinations that have never happened in history. It is an opportunity for us to truly democratize Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity for households everywhere. It is also an opportunity for us to make my personal SUCCESS accessible to the world. Can you imagine that one of our early achievements is “People around the world are openly discussing, some for the very first time, what Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity look like for them and what Living their best life as culture and a definition means to them?”  

The Global Economy of Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity is given an opportunity to change the trajectory and ideology of our Sector Economy Foundation to deal with the challenges facing households for today and for generations to come. Equality of opportunity. Equality across generations. Equality between women and men. And, of course, Equality of income and wealth. This structural change will allow those across the Globe that is closest to Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being challenges to empower themselves, deal with root causes and lead for lasting change. The Global Structure Network Group with our partners will lead this change Globally. Capacity sharing — a two-way street whereby both households and we work together to develop lasting solutions. This is the right time for us to develop and expand out the success that we have seen now for decades and the time has never been so important and necessary. We are working smart to continue strengthening our Global Brand and the Brand that is our Global Economy. The opportunities presented to our Global Economy only come around once in a lifetime. As the Founder I personally understands the dynamics across communities, I also understand the politics, I am a man of empathy and boy oh boy I undoubtedly have a deep understanding of the social problems. A "very very rare...combination" in The Global Structure Network Group.

Now that we have The Global Structure Group people across the Globe is looking at what that might mean for global development. And while all eyes are focused on us, we are inviting your participation to help us do much more. Believe in better, that human expertise enhanced by sustained Optimized Personal Health and Well-being can continue to be the real CURRENCY of change. The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges — but also new opportunities to shift power, embrace household leadership, and to refocus household framework for Healthy Resilience, Healthy Longevity, Efficacy for today and for generations to come. The Global Structure Network and the channels that will make up the Global Structure Group, and our Impact Partners and Brands and Sponsors will like our readers to know that we are not a party to the behaviours that are driving the activities of those who are trying to undermine our Brand and Product all of which is essential for Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity everywhere. Our process for delivering our affiliations are Strong, Robust, and Intellectually Formidable and is not literally everyone’s business. 

The Global Structure Group is committed to being a global company. The Global Structure Network and its Value Proposition is the best course of action to optimize Personal Health and Well-being and to secure our objectives which is individuals’ long-term success and for households in every corner of the world to realise their biggest and most important asset. We have never seen interest like these before, in the numbers, perseverance, and the ethnic, age and racial diversity of those participating and anticipating the Global rollout of our Value Proposition and Global Marketplace. In a world reeling from the pandemic and for communities reeling from a high rate of downward mobility, The Global Structure Group is an Organization just in time. Health as an investment for economic return so that you can renovate for the world you confront. The complicated process must remind our readers that consent, and wilful action are shaped by economics, policy, and the culture of rule. 

Wellness for The Global Structure Network means being in control or reasonably in control of all the things that determine your social and economic realities. Not only is The Global Structure Network a critical player in the global effort for the Optimization and Democratizing of Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity, but we are also now deeply integrated into the Global planned efforts. Your future will be brighter than your past — Making it work! Delivering an Equity Roadmap for Personal Health and Well-being Triumph. Our business has a clear purpose: Our mission is for you to become owners of Your Health and owners of Yourselves so that empathy can be evenly distributed and love of yourself multiply. It is our essential purpose and will always be at the heart of our business. Your Marketplace with our own Brands, other National Branded Products, Services and your Whole Life Ecosystem will be accessible in every corner of the world. Along with the Eagerly anticipated Components of Value. As the Founder, we are committed to delivering for you because we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to reach their full potential and to truly live their best life as culture and definition and to be reasonably in control of their destiny.


Founder and CFO

The Founders Gallery

The Global Structure Group


(By definition, we confer a type of prestige and authority that cannot be found anywhere else.)


The Global Structure Group is a HYBRID Business that utilizes our resources and our work to deliver positive social and/or environmental benefits alongside financial returns.

The Global Structure Group and the Global Freedom and Personal Health and Well-being Prosperity Economy are inextricably linked. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Reduce Inequality To Create Opportunity

Over the past decade, inequality has become one of the most complex and vexing challenges in the global economy.

Inequality of opportunity. Inequality across generations. Inequality between women and men. And, of course, inequality of income and wealth . They are all present in our societies and—unfortunately— in many countries they are growing.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Better Policies for Better Lives

Even before the pandemic, the OECD How’s Life? 2020 report highlighted that increasing insecurity, disconnection and despair were amongst the environmental, economic and social risks threatening people’s well-being. Now more than ever, policy makers need to prioritise what matters in people’s lives. To help countries do so, WISE is using innovative methodologies and new data to measure prosperity beyond GDP. 



Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good

To feed more than 10 billion people within our planetary boundaries by 2050, while ending hunger and tackling unhealthy diets, we will have to fundamentally change the food system, requiring co-ordinated and large-scale action by all stakeholders across multiple axes.



Tuesday, November 24, 2020

How a Collective Infrastructure Push Will Boost Global Growth

Important additional benefits occur from specific types of infrastructure spending. For example, if such spending prioritizes green investments, it will also strengthen resilience and allow for a cleaner world for the next generation. 


When modern medicine flounders, should traditional healers fill the void?

Filling a health care gap

Faith and traditional healers, along with the use of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine, has been the bedrock of health care across communities around the world for centuries. Across South Asia, it has offered a remedy to the failings of the modern medical system which is marred by a lack of investment, deep inequities, lack of access to care in semi-urban, rural and remote areas, severe doctor shortages and rising health care costs.